I, Programmer at work, dish washer at home, speaker at pub and silencer at bar.

Hello every body,

I’m a Vietnamese programmer, used to be young and not free anymore. Just kidding, actually, I’m almost 30 and still young, still free to do what I want to do :).

I’m Java, C#, Swift, Python and working as Software Engineer at Automic GmbH, my responsible is design and integrate our core product with other third party system like AWS, Docker, VMware,… To be short, I will support customer to provision new environment as soon as possible. So you can call me a little bit like DevOps guy :). I eat and sleep code, pay whole day to play with it and will try to up to date every new open source technologies (I love open source technologies). I’m not a busy man, but quite full schedule, so I spend 30 minutes with 100 push up per day. Be stronger, be smarter, guys 🙂

You can contact me through this blog, or my email:, I will response as soon as possible. Hope we can discuss all about things relate to this blog, I’m always open to talk with all of you :).

Nice to meet you all and hope that this blog will help you well!



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